We start with the internal rounds, where your employees take up the challenge & have a hit with their workmates. Keep the games rolling and watch your rising stars on your internal company leaderboard! All companies are invited to submit an unlimited number of teams to represent their company at the ‘finals’ which take place in most major cities in Australia. A team consists of four players and one sub (5 in total) and both genders must be represented in a team.

There are two options that we can offer for you:
First, we offer equipment starter kits that include a table, bats, balls, delivery and setup. As there is a minimum space requirement for health and safety reasons, the best thing to do is contact us about the space you want to use, and we can work out the rest with you. If you already know what you are after, go to our online shop and find the best offer for you.
A highlight in every office are our branded tables. Check out a couple of images below:


Second, depending on your location we can recommend a local club or community center that offers public table tennis. Make it a weekly team bonding session to meet the club for a table tennis hit.

Entering your company into the Table Tennis Corporate Cup is $350.00 which allows all staff members and contractors of your organization to play in the internal round using the Corporate Cup Online Leaderboard. In addition, you automatically enter 1 team into the finals. Additional teams can be registered when you enter your company or at a later stage. To enter additional teams, it is only $180.00 per team.

The Corporate Cup will take place twice each year, so keep training all year round to hone your skills. The company Leaderboard is available all year for you and your teams The official internal rounds go for three weeks. The final takes usually place on a weekday in the afternoon between 1pm and 6pm. Dates and times vary per location.

Play against your workmates and compare your results to your colleagues in the internal leaderboard. Challenge your colleagues through the leaderboard and meet for a fierce match during lunchbreak. Play matches at your workplace compare your organisation’s score with other participating companies.
We are working on updates to the online Leaderboards and will share images with you soon!

From free entry into social hits and coaching sessions at your local club through to discounted rates to have a National Player visiting your workplace for an inspo session. We are constantly on the hunt of offering more benefits to the companies that register. Just reach out to one of our team members and check out the online shop for more information.